March 11th, 2009

I live in a world of mistakes. And I fix them. I proofread and I edit.

For advertising agencies and marketing firms. For law firms. For nonprofits. For insurance brokers. For printers and publishing houses.

I fix mistakes that can affect companies’ public face as well as their bottom lines. And really, the first can affect the second.

So, I not only correct mistakes, I also save companies money.

Seeing one’s own typographical—or grammatical—errors is difficult. The brain, knowing what should be there, often fools the eye into seeing what should be there rather than what is actually there. Or isn’t there. It is also difficult to see the errors in something you are too familiar with because you’ve looked at it too many times.

Have it proofread by “new eyes.” The eyes of a professional proofreader.

The Internet has made the process really very simple. And fast. Work can be sent electronically easily and quickly, in both directions, as an email attachment. And then of course there are the more traditional means of sending hard copy.

Whichever method you prefer, shoot me an email at sbs@WordsRight.net.

That won’t be a mistake.